28 th Mar

We held a great party at Bar Boulud in New York to launch our airing on the country’s largest PBS station, WNET. Guests included Artist Toolbox artists Daniel Boulud, Ruben and Isabel Toledo, Zang Toi, Leila and Massimo Vignelli, and Hugh Jacobsen, as well as Judith Regan, David Simone and Shelly Ross, and Architectural Digest’s Elizabeth Sverbeyeth amongst many others.

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8 th Sep

The Artist Toolbox, an exciting new series on WTTW11, showcases the leading visual and performing artists in America. In each of 13 half-hour episodes, host John Jacobsen takes viewers into the artists’ homes, their studios and places of work, and accompanies them on walks through their neighborhood to bring us into the world of each master talent. Hear the artists discuss, in one-on-one personal terms, the challenges, passions and bliss involved in creating great art. Host John Jacobsen reveals a charming talent for coaxing engaging insights and candor from his guests as he travels across the country to meet the artists in their homes and studios in cities like Chicago; Los Angeles; Marin, CA; New York City; Seattle and Washington, DC. We are able to meet the artists we have always wanted to spend time with — each working in a different medium — and have them to ourselves for half an hour. The Artist Toolbox enables us to experience the artists’ life journey, hear what inspires them, and learn their secret formulas for what it takes to create great art.

Starting July 1, The Artist Toolbox will start playing throughout the rest of the year on Alaska Airlines’ digEplayers! Look for us there to help your flying time be way more enjoyable.

Laura Finkelstein : “Just wanted to tell you that I think your program is one of the very best programs that I’ve seen on PBS in many years. I just wish the segments were an hour long, instead of half an hour. I can’t pick a favorite, since they were all so different. And Mr. Jacobsen has a wonderful ability to listen. Can you consider making them an hour long? They’re so interesting that I’m left wanting to hear more!”

Listen here as Diana Rivera, on her show Creative Empowerment, interviews John Jacobsen on “What It means To Be an Artist?” (http://ccseries.net/2011/05/20/upcoming-tele-interview-john-jacobsen-of-the-artists-toolbox/)

Diana Rivera: This was an AMAZING interview to do with John Jacobsen for the Co-Creator Series. What insight!

Lynne Hansen-Salak: I look forward to each week’s guest. Thanks for putting the Arts out there for the public.

Fashionista.com’s article on The Artist Toolbox and Isabel Toledo about our show on PBS. “Creativity is a mysterious thing and as individual as each creator, but I hope the viewer can get a sense of the free form-border jumping terrain that is fashion combined with the high degree of craft involved to achieve the final vision.” Seven Questions for Isabel Toledo, fashionista.com: The Artist’s Toolbox, a PBS show where John Jacobsen interviews “America’s best artists” in depth, features Isabel and Ruben Toledo this weekend. The episode offers a revealing look at the couple and how they encourage each other’s art.

Tristan Palmer: “Just caught the episode of The Artist Toolbox with Isabel and Ruben Toledo on our local PBS station. I’ve never heard of the show before yesterday. I was literally standing in front of my television, just a mere 2 feet away trying to soak in every word of the interview. It was absolutely AMAZING. I don’t think I’ve every seen something so inspiring. And for a person like me, who struggles with “the artist within” and what art is and how to move forward through the fear and doubt, I cannot tell you how this episode changed my thinking. I don’t think it was an accident that I saw this show. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. “

Dinorah Lombana: Amazing and inspiring interview with Isabel and Ruben Toledo. True talent and passion for art, fashion and most beautifully each other. God bless them! Love The Artist Toolbox.

Cynthia Stevens: This is one of my most favorite shows on TV & I have learned SO much from it!! Eye & soul opening! Sunday nights in UT at 10:30 PM on UPN/CH9 right after the also wonderful theatre talk.

Women’s Wear Daily article on the show and the loving, fabulously talented Toledos, featured in a new PBS program called “The Artist Toolbox.”

Yolanda Betances: What a creative, inspiring couple!! And as individuals!!!

Congratulations to 9 time Grammy Award winning John Legend, who John interviews on The Artist Toolbox, for winning Two NAACP Image Awards! They won for Outstanding Album (Wake Up!) and Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration. More than just good looks and what Legend has called a ‘presumptuous’ name, Legend’s innate musical ear and talent for fusing his early gospel influences with hip-hop, jazz …and even classical music, has found him working with top names such as Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Eve, Common, the Black Eyed Peas and longtime producer and friend, Kanye West. So adept at weaving myriad sounds and genres, Legend seems to have created a signature sound, if not genre, of his own. Meet this charming, caring, and disarming man in his Manhattan home where he plays his baby grand in a rare, one-on-one talk with John.

Kathy Wright LePenske If you have not watched this series, I encourage you to do so. John Jacabsen, is a wonderful interviewer.

Michael Fornwald: Wonderfully crafted.


Jason Alexander plays on The Artist Toolbox and talk about the craft of acting, his winning a TONY on Broadway, and studying with the great teacher, Larry Moss. See when and where in your area by going to www.theartisttoolbox.com.

Great article on the show and host John Jacobsen in today’s Seattle Times: John Jacobsen’s ‘The Artist Toolbox’ probes creative process. John Jacobsen, a Seattle resident, directs and hosts “The Artist Toolbox,” a series of 13 half-hour one-on-one interviews with America’s leading artists in various fields airing on KCTS-TV starting Jan. 24.

Tune in *now* to the Seattle-produced The Artist Toolbox on KCTS9 – Already debuting in other major cities across the US, the first episode has been hailed the “the most fascinating interview ever done” on the amazing musician David Garrett. “One, two, three, four…” In this premiere episode of The Artist Toolbox, come and listen to the gypsy strings of the dazzling David Garrett, whose violin can conquer the classical work of composers such as Bach and Chopin as effortlessly, as gracefully, as old-world Russian folk music. “Music filters life experiences into something people can understand.”

Eva Finberg: David the king of solo violinists. I love you forever.

Simone Sailer: for ever and ever

ElleDecor: Have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes peek at creative fields like art, design, fashion, and music, to see what really makes the top practitioners tick? Now’s your chance to have a look. The Artist Toolbox, a new television series on PBS, promises to reveal the secrets of creative genius through intimate interviews with figures such as designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli, musician John Legend, dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, fashion designer Zang Toi, and, we’re proud to report, chef and ELLE DECOR consulting editor Daniel Boulud.

Annette Ramirez: Chef Boulud was my introduction to the series. Great episode.

You MUST see the show that Wall Street Journal made a Pick of the Week! This Sunday on WNET in NY the Ruben and Isabel Toledo episode – they are two of the most inspiring people we have ever met!

Frantz Valcourt: Masterful… “We are all artist, we just need the tools to help us express it” ~ Isabel Toledo

Brian Major: Thank you for “The Artist Toolbox”, love the series… I’m an artist in the Pacific Northwest so Thank YOU!

Jason Benberry: The Ramsey Lewis episode aired in Detroit last Sunday. Loved his insight on the reason why great art forms like Jazz are not in much demand in recent years. I’ve had many discussions with my peers about the decline of the art appreciation, and we’ve come to the same conclusions.

CHICAGO TONIGHT interviews Host John Jacobsen and jazz great Ramsey Lewis. Two new inspired productions are coming to a PBS station near you. Ramsey Lewis and John Jacobsen are here to talk about “The Artist Toolbox”.

Jennifer Ferguson: Congrats John on the success of your show!

Nancy Bedolla: Isabel Allende is a great writer. Her stories just take me into another world that I can only imagine. “Daughter of Fortune” is by far my favorite! :)

Annette Ramirez: Really enjoyed the segment with Daniel Boloud and look forward to upcoming interviews.

Laura Sharon: Yay! I will get to see that hot, sexy David Garrett afterall :-)

Jason Grant Benberry Photographs: A very informative and inspiring series!

Tonight The Art Zone features The Artist Toolbox, 8:00 PM

Join host John Jacobsen in the lush Marin County home of Isabel Allende, the most widely-read writer in the Spanish language, whose eighteen books have been translated into almost as many languages as exist on the planet. Having been called ‘genius’ by The Los Angeles Times, she has received countless awards and honorary doctorates, i…ncluding the coveted Dorothy and Lillian Gish Award, granted to writers “who have contributed to the beauty of the world.” Fleeing for her life from her home in Chile after her uncle, President Salvatore Allende was thrown from power in an American-supported coup, she writes about what she describes as “marginals… people who stand on the edge and therefore are not sheltered.” John Jacobsen delves between the lines to reveal Allende’s disarming sensuality and joy for life amid the personal losses and challenges that have made her work so irresistibly multi-layered.

Jennifer Ferguson: … finally got to watch one of the episodes. Isabel Allende. Really wonderful, beautiful photography, incredible! Once again, thanks for the astounding inspiration! I had never read any of her books, but after I saw her on your show I raided my Mother’s library. I’ve read two back to back. She’s amazing!

Elia Salgado: Great interview, loved it! She is amazing!

Kathy Wright LePenske: A wonderful interview……

Kate Keckler Dande: Terrific. My favorite part, aside from the views of that jaw-dropping estate, is when she compares writing a novel to a one-sided affair with a bad lover!

Pandyce McCluer: I, too, love how her way of speaking is as rich and colorful and juicy as her writing. She is a fine example of the woman whose beauty radiates from within as well as from without. I first heard her speak on a taped clip entitled, “Isabel Allende Tells Tales of Passion” in which she told of women and children whose lives were being lived on the edge because of the acts of men. Her speaking style in that clip wasn’t nearly as free-flowing and poetic, but she shot from the hip, and her words were fired with the same emotion and earnestness and compassion. I do admire her, as well as her work. She has embraced something much larger than herself, and has taken on proportions that are bigger than life in so doing.

@KCET review of The Artist Toolbox – “Host John Jacobsen … has a charming talent for coaxing insights and candor” Sunday Evenings on KCET now Include ‘The Artist Toolbox’: “I’m excited about this series about the creative process airing Sunday nights on KCET HD. The first series is “The Artist Toolbox,” a weekly program that debuts this Sunday at 7:00 P.M. Host John Jacobsen, who has a charming talent for coaxing insights and candor, takes us into artists’ homes, their places of work and brings us into the world of each master talent. Prodigy pop-classical crossover violinist David Garrett is the focus of this Sunday’s episode!

Melissa Munch Boggs: Congrats! Love the show. Keep more episodes coming!

The Artist Toolbox is playing all across the United States to rave reviews (go to www.thartisttoolbox.com to see when and where near you). In this time of threats to cut the budgets of PBS and NPR, tune in to The Artist Toolbox to see why art is absolutely essential to our daily lives.

Kathy Wright: Looking for quality TV??? Watch this program.

Kathy Wright LePenske: Support PBS!

Host John Jacobsen on KOMO TV discussing the secrets of creative genius.

Especially for David Garrett’s fans in the US. The Artist Toolbox is still airing the amazing interview with David, for example next weekend in Los Angeles. Enter your zip code on their website and check your area. The Artist Toolbox – The Secrets of Creative Genius- Interviews with America’s Most Talented Artists The Artist Toolbox is hosted by John Jacobsen and reveals the secrets of creative genius of artists around the world.

The Artist Toolbox Inks an International Distribution deal – BOSTON: The international representation rights to The Artist’s Toolbox, an interview series featuring creative luminaries from the worlds of art, music, design and literature, have been scooped up by APT Worldwide.

Julie Albertson: Big congratulations. The world needs to talk about this concept. It’s overdue.

Bernadette Bascom: Wow…Breathtaking…In every artist lying below the surface of their humanity is the true intent of our Creator. It takes a special person to bring it forth…

The LA Times picks The Artist Toolbox AGAIN (6 times!). Thank you, LA! The Arts on TV: Jason Alexander on ‘The Artist Toolbox’ “The Artist Toolbox” 10 p.m. Friday, KVCR; American Ballet theater principal dancers Irina…

Quinn Orison: So glad I found you – Great show tonight with Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky. Their dedication to their craft is very inspiring and relatable. Congratulations !!

Our episode playing in St. Louis with architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen got the highest ratings for The Artist Toolbox in the US last week.

Gaye Ingram: I’m sending an extra donation to LPB, my PBS carrier, because it carried this program and thus made possible the fine interview with Hugh Jacobsen. One of the most memorable discussions of architecture and life I’ve encountered in years. Thank you for the inspiration! Watched your show for the first time and saw your interview with your father… what an incredible man! I am newly-inspired as a designer and architect.

Lynne Hansen-Salak: … your interview with your father was wonderful and very insightful! “Less is more” has always been one of my favorite sayings and your dad’s work appears so beautifully in that vein. You must be so proud and the love between you both was quite evident! Love your show.

We start airing on WNET in New York City today! Check out the hot David Garrett.

David Kubiczky: you’re spreading like wildfire!

Kathy Wright LePenske: Enjoyed dinner with you and Pia. Every woman at the table had glowing , hot comments regarding your interview with David . You have a real gift in interviewing.

The LA Times makes us a Pick of the Week again!

In Seattle, Tom Skerritt on KCTS Friday, April 1, at 1pm. Hear what Viper has to say about Hollywood.

Zang Toi’s Fall Collection! See Host John Jacobsen interview haute couture designer Zang in his home and studio.

Amazing photo of Hugh Jacobsen (Architect) and Massimo Vignelli (Graphic Designer) … they collaborated on “Hugh Jacobsen – Architect” many years ago and are both guests on The Artist Toolbox.

Tracy Homer: a recent post prompted me to do a little research where I came across The Artist’s Toolbox – this page has plenty of information for me, thank you. The post was “I just don’t get people who can look at magnificent architecture without a sense of awe and wonder” and I agree – who are those people – there has to be a stirring that is squelched for reasons unknown…I suppose it’s a final product and as a final product there isn’t thought given as to how it got there…

John interviewed by Judith Regan on Sirius Radio.

“Music becomes a story – you just follow the music” – American Ballet dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky Interview – on The Artist Toolbox. “Life as a dancer: when we fall, we fall hard…we become adults at ten years old.” In this episode, follow a quarter century of the discipline, romance and artistry of the beautiful and sexy American Ballet principals Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, perhaps ballet’s greatest couple ever.

Another wonderful review for The Artist Toolbox. design wonderland: To my friends and family it’s no surprise that a great deal of my TV watching these days has me locked on my Local PBS station. Recently, PBS had a surprise in store for me. Up one Saturday morning at 6:30, a show called The Artist Toolbox held my attention captive for a solid 30 minutes.

“There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.” – Massimo Vignelli

Melissa Munch Boggs: I love this show! As an elementary art teacher, I would love to show some of these episodes to my students. John asks some interesting questions and it is great to see the artists’ reactions. I just watched the episode on the Vignelli’s and I was so impressed with their comments about students learning about the “masters.” “My definition of beauty is the opposite of vulgarity”

Apple Jacks: I love this show

“Learn something that is not in front of you” – Sam Gilliam, regarding the importance of travel to a young artist – interview airs tonight in New Jersey, Kentucky and Missouri on PBS / Public Television. “Art is worse than the atomic bomb.”

Ten TV Premieres We’re Looking Forward To This Month: Paste Magazine – Stay home, save yourself ten bucks and a trip to the theater and check out the 10 TV premieres we’re looking forward to instead. For this new APT series, host John Jacobsen sits down with artists of all types — including actors, musicians, writers, fashion designers, architects and chefs — to ask them about their creative processes. Each half-hour show is dedicated to one guest, and John Legend, Jason Alexander and Ramsey Lewis are among those slated to appear this season.

“I wanted to follow my own lead,” Fashion Designer Zang Toi, called ‘the patriarch of modern fashion before it was present’ tells The Artist Toolbox host John Jacobsen. Toi, who was raised in a small grocery store in Malaysia, now occupies an incredibly chic Manhattan studio, his desk almost invisible behind piles of books and rows of mannequins draped in his gorgeous work, where John and Toi discuss the bravery and courage required of the young artist.

Toya Norment: I’m there!!!

Teri Jones: THIS is a great idea! Love watching….Appreciate your bringing it to us!

New series looks at the inspirations of diverse artists: The latest public television series set to debut this weekend offers a fascinating look at some of the world’s gifted minds. Jacobsen said in this day and age of extreme reality shows and television that lacks quality, true artists have been “underrepresented.” “I didn’t want the show to be about celebrity but wanted it to be about craft and passion,” Jacobsen said, adding all of the artists profiled have a great passion for their work and exhibit excellence in their fields.

“They are people that follow their heart and do what they love.”

Jacobsen said he also wasn’t aiming to bring a “high brow’ show to viewers. He wanted to show people from all walks of life and instill in viewers that we all have some artistic inclination and can celebrate that.

“I hope what happens is people will realize that America is so rich in the arts and how important it is in our lives,” he said.

WTTW National Productions and Moga/Jacobsen Productions, in association with American Public Television (APT), are pleased to announce the upcoming debut of a new 13-part half-hour series, “The Artist Toolbox”, premiering on public television stations nationwide in January. This innovative program showcases some of the leading artists in America in a variety of different mediums – as they recount in one-on-one personal terms the process involved in bringing their artistic vision to life.

Host John Jacobsen goes beyond the usual glossy magazine articles that are part of a successful artist’s everyday life, coaxing from his subjects some surprisingly frank and funny insights as they share the inspiration behind – and the work and dedication involved – in the creation of their beautiful, culture-changing art. Join us as Jacobsen takes us into the artists’ homes, their places of work, and accompanies them on walks through their neighborhood to bring us into the world of each master talent.

Claire A. Riccardi: Yeah! Thanks for recommending this. It’s Rad!

This weekend The Artist Toolbox starts airing in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, Denver, Cleveland, Sacramento, Portland, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, Greenville, Oklahoma City, Richmond, Tulsa, Springfield, Spokane, Portland, Columbia, Shreveport, Colorado Springs, Baton Rouge, Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Youngestown, Boise, Augusta, Eugene, Lafayette, Columbus, Monroe, Pittsburg, Bangor, Idaho Falls, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Grand Junction, Bend, and Twin Falls. It rolls out in 74% of the country after that. Go to our website at ww.theartisttoolbox, type in your zip code, and check out when and where.

American Public Television announces the rollout of our show on national television: American Public Television (APT) has been a leading distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming to America’s public television stations since 1961 on the PBS network. In 2010, APT distributed nearly half of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles. Among its 300 new program titles per year are prominent documentaries, news and current affairs programs, dramatic series, how-to programs, children’s series and classic movies, including For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots, A Ripple of Hope, Rick Steves’ Europe, Newsline, Globe Trekker, Simply Ming, America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia’s Italy, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, Murdoch Mysteries, Doc Martin, Rosemary & Thyme, The Rat Pack: Live and Swingin’, Johnny Mathis: Wonderful, Wonderful! and John Denver: The Wildlife Concert. APT also licenses programs internationally through its APT Worldwide service. In 2006, APT launched Create® – the TV channel featuring the best of public television’s lifestyle programming. APT is also a partner in the WORLD? channel expansion project including its web presence at WORLDcompass.org.

In Chicago now working with our sponsor WTTW on securing air dates for our first season on public television.

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23 th Apr

Sign up here for exclusive access to FULL EPISODES of The Artist Toolbox on-line.

You will receive an email with a private URL and password for viewing full episodes on Vimeo. Occasionally, we’ll drop you a line to let you know about other fan-exclusive content. And don’t worry, we will not share or sell your contact info.

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21 th Apr

Engaging America’s best artists in one-on-one interviews about their person…

The Artist Toolbox Facebook »

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18 th Apr

Articles – 04/18/2011

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ELLE Décor posted a piece on Daniel Boulud’s episode of the Artist Toolbox – Link

Fashionista.com has posted an interview with Isabel Toledo – Link

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18 th Apr

Watch the Ramsey Lewis and John Jacobsen interview on Chicago Tonight.


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28 th Mar

We held another great Launch party, this time in Seattle. Lots of press and friends helped us welcome the show onto PBS’s KCTS.

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28 th Mar
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15 th Mar

The Los Angeles Times column “The Arts on TV” suggested viewers in the City of Angels tune in to watch John Jacobsen interview Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky. View the article and see what else they liked.

Mentions by local media help people find out about the show, increasing support for both The Artist Toolbox and Public Broadcasting.

Show your support: let your local PBS station know you like The Artist Toolbox.

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12 th Mar

Judith Regan’s Interview with John Jacobsen (click to listen)

The interview aired this week on the Judith Regan Show (Sirius Radio)

New York Publishing Legend, Judith Regan

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